We’re Becky and Anna - the duo behind Sweet Palette Sprinkles. Anna has a background in art direction, and brings her keen eye for colour and fun to the sprinkle party. Becky has a background in design, and throws her baking passion and know-how into the mix.

Anna is mum to four sassy girls, and Becky has two sprightly lads. With six kids between us, that’s a lot of birthday parties. It was during our many kids' party collabs that the sprinkle idea kicked off. We were frustrated at the disappointing taste of the sprinkles on offer, and frankly frightened by the ingredient list. Who wants to sprinkle their lovingly home baked goodies in junk? Not us, so we set about creating a ‘new and improved’ revamp of a nostalgic classic. 

After many hours toiling away on product development we came up with some pretty smart sprinkles in some pretty sweet shades. Every single one of our sprinkles is hand made by us here at Sprinkle HQ.  They're choc full of natural flavour and colour so you can feel happy about what you put on your food. 

We know and love the sense of satisfaction gained from producing treats that thrill the lucky recipients, and we want to share this buzz with you.