What makes Sweet Palette sprinkles so special?

Our sprinkles are all handmade in small batches. They are made locally in our registered Wellington kitchen. We use natural ingredients, so no freaky 'e' numbers here baby. We also avoid products with dubious environmental credibility, like Palm Kernel Oil and Carnauba wax, ingredients all too common in mass produced sprinkles. And the most important bit, Sweet Palette sprinkles actually taste good. They have a  delicate tutti frutti flavour that is delicious on its own, but is subtle enough not to over power any flavour combination you'd like to mix them with.  

What are the ingredients?

Icing Sugar (Sugar, Maize), Cacao Butter, Thickener (Tragacanth Gum), Lemon Juice, Salt, Natural Flavour, May include some or all of the following colours; Carmine, Annatto, Turmeric, Blue Extract, Beet Red, Chlorophylls. White is colour free. 

What are Jimmies?

Jimmies are the name given to the straight guys in the mix. These slender rod shaped sprinkles are the backbone to our sprinkle collections. This is the name commonly given to this type of sprinkle. Legends abound as to where the name originally came from, but we like the story that they were named after a Boston candy factory worker who worked tirelessly on the sprinkle machine back in the day. 

How do I store my Sweet Palette sprinkles?

Because our sprinkles are all natural they are a little sensitive to light and fluctuations to temperature. We recommend keeping the sealed packets in the fridge.  

My sprinkles have passed the best before date by a couple of months, are they safe to eat?

Yes, they'll be safe to eat, but some of the colour and flavour quality may be reduced.

Are your sprinkles Gluten Free?

Our sprinkles don't have any gluten included in the recipe, however they are made in a kitchen which also handles gluten, so we can't guarantee there has been no cross contamination. 


When will I receive my order in NZ?

Within NZ you can expect to receive your sprinkles within 4 days after placing your order.  

When will I receive my order internationally?

We use the standard International Air service for international orders to keep shipping prices affordable. As such, we don't guarantee delivery times. However we do have the following guidelines provided by NZ post; Australia 3-6 working days, rest of the world 6-10 working days.

What is your returns policy?

We don't accept returns, but we will remedy any situation where the sprinkles have arrived to you in a faulty or damaged condition. Get in touch and we'll happily sort it out.